Thoughts: Bridal Showers

Disclaimer: This post is has some attempts at humor. I’m not this dense or socially inexperienced. 

Yesterday I attended my first ever bridal shower as an adult. I’ve been to other showers before but I don’t believe a day being pampered at a spa with my family and no gifts really prepared me for this. Yeah, my family has some very odd members and we don’t really follow any rules. Considering my previous experiences with bridal showers my only reference point was Bridesmaids. That is an absolutely terrible reference! There was no giant cookies, unsanitary chocolate fountains, and much to my disappointment, no dogs as party favors! What! Come on! I have to admit wedding showers are extremely awkward events. Not that I don’t absolutely love that one of my oldest friends is getting married and chose to share this experience with my friends and myself. Knowing someone since age 13 and still remaining in contact after such a long time is quite rare. It’s more common now with social networking which was up and coming when we graduated high school, but still that is a very long friendship. There was even a girl there that I hadn’t seen since middle school. Boy was that an awkward facial expression exchange..

Being the “high school” friends is quite different. It becomes the group of people who stick together through the weird, insanity that occurs. It’s a built in support system, if you will. How many times can I use the awkward in one post? Listening to engagement stories may be super interesting for some, but it made me think about the standards for any man who is might (doubt it) propose to me at some point. Her story sounded like it stepped right off the screen of a popular romantic movie on the same level as the Notebook. It was so her and it’s so fantastic, don’t get me wrong. Events like weddings and babies (yes, another friend of mine is having a baby) really make someone think about what the hell is going in their lives. Almost like I missed a memo of some kind. Mine must have fallen into a rain gutter or got carried away by gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe. I’m not much for social rules and ideals so I guess missing that memo isn’t all that heartbreaking. It just puts a lot of things in perspective. I really appreciated all of the “oh don’t worry Nicole, you’ll marry an Ari Gold, a director or Oh maybe even an actor!!!!” responses I got when I brought up the subject for conversations. I’m glad other people know me so well to expect one of the above to be my future suitor. I’m looking at you, Josh Hutcherson. 

All in all wedding showers aren’t terrible. There is cute foods like bread with honey, brie and apples. Cute drinks like sparkling raspberry lemonade (shit that’s fresh) and sangria. Fun little games like how well do we know the bride, and taking tons of pictures on a cute little patio. Oh and 4 different flavors of cupcakes. Yes, FOUR different flavors of cupcakes. Not just chocolate or vanilla. Crazy flavors with like 3 names in each one. Also covered in sparkly edible glitter for added pizzaz! I wish I had images to share, but I didn’t take a single one. Hopefully the photographer won’t mind me borrowing some of her shots if she puts them online. It was just that cute of a shower.

Kristen Wiig didn’t prepare me for normal wedding showers with much less comedic value. No one threw cupcakes or yelled about their finely bleached assholes. There was a woman who might have been a little drunk who was pretty much 5 minutes from force feeding me a cupcake. Sorry, unknown woman, Sangria has a lot of sugar. I didn’t want anymore in cupcake form. 

Still sad there was no puppy party favors…

Truth be told, I’m pretty excited for the wedding later this summer!