5 things…

It’s finally Friday and the start to a very busy weekend for myself. I’m actually going to attempt to take a ton of photos this weekend throughout all of the adventures that have been planned. Here are 5 things that are “fascinating” me today.

1. I want to bake…Nutella Chocolate Cups. I discovered these a couple weeks ago while browsing the internet and immediately became smitten with them. I haven’t gotten a chance to attempt them yet, but they are definitely on my list of things I must do this summer. Find out how to make them over at Kirbie’s Cravings!

2. Fangirling over…the Great Gatsby trailer. Oh my Leonardo DiCaprio! When I first read this book in high school I was smitten. There was just something so great about it despite the fact it was assigned reading. I’m definitely not the only one since 75% of my Tumblr dashboard lately is stills/GIFS/repostings of this trailer. I am SO EXCITED to see it this Christmas.

3. Look at…this image of Lauren Conrad from her summer collection. I want to having a great time at the beach in a cute outfit instead of trying to figure out what I can wear that won’t make me look like a sweaty bum when I arrive at my destination due to excessive heat, haha. Seriously, how cute is that outfit? Give it to meeee. There’s no way that outfit looks that cute on anyone but Lauren.

4. Finally…decided to add Bossypants to my reading list for summer. It’s been out for over a year now and I’ve been trying really hard to ignore it, but after the sensational reviews from the back of the book popped up while I was browsing the internet, I knew I could no longer say no. 

Maybe a year from now I’ll get around to reading Mindy Kaling’s book.

5. I love…The Doctor. Seriously I’m desperately waiting for Series 7. Until then I’ll just follow the adventures of The Doctor Puppet. How cute is this puppet version of the Doctor? I absolutely love the pictures of the Doctor visiting places around New York. It’s absolutely brilliant!

Have a great Friday and an even better Memorial Day weekend!