Don't follow leaders and watch the parkin' meters.

I went almost all day forgetting to post something in honor of the greats troubadour of the 1960’s: Bob Dylan. I know it’s extremely dorky to mention the birth of someone I’ve never even met, but Mr. Dylan has had such a gigantic impact on my life that makes it worth mentioning. Besides he’s 71 and crazier than ever. I’ve never gotten to see him live (heartbreaking I know) but my high school history teacher used to follow him around the country like he was the Grateful Dead and this was still the 1970’s. Yeah, my teacher was pretty awesome. He even had a giant cardboard picture of him, haha. 

This is one of my favorite Dylan songs and the video is fantastic. I loved when we got to watch it in my music history class last semester. It could watch it again and again a million times. I’m going to go turn up one of my all time favorite Dylan albums and have a trip down memory lane.

Subterranean Homesick Blues