Obsessing over: an absolutely terrific BBQ playlist for Memorial Day weekend. I’m on day one of the listening test, so far so good. I take this so seriously it’s almost sad.

Working On: the playlist and some summer cocktails. Two things I excel at! The only bad part is how under appreciated both will be when they are shared with others.

Thinking about: My summer goals. Speaking of goals I should probably get on that 25 before 26 list…

Anticipating: a very busy weekend. Wedding showers, old friends, work and BBQs, oh my!

Listening to: NOT Best Coast! I’m streaming Here by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros on NPR. Eventually hoping to move on to the new Sigur Ros later tonight.

Eating: I’m obsessed with guacamole lately which is really weird. I just had it on a grilled chicken sandwich at lunch with my grandmother. mmm! I really want to attempt to make my own.

Wishing: Oh boy, there are a couple things I’m wishing right now. I wish everything could get back to being a bit more normal than it is now. I also wish I could keep the 100+ temperatures away for a bit longer.

xo, Nicole