This is the only place…

One thing I’ve realized recently is I have the ability to write amazing record reviews in my sleep. Yeah, that’s pretty freaking weird. For some reason when I woke up this morning I felt like I had written the most spectacular review of The Only Place by Best Coast only to find out there is absolutely no record of it anywhere. I am only great at reviewing things in my dreams, I guess.

Instead of reviewing The Only Place since I’m terrible at that, I’m just going to say to listen to it immediately. I can only assume my natural dislike for reviewing anything is that people have other opinions than myself and I’d rather not have a discussion about what is really bad about something I reallllly like. People have a knack for giving me backhanded compliments like they are trying to win a gold medal in the asshole olympics. What was that saying? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

Back to the real story here: Best Coast. I’ve mentioned about half a million times over the last month or so my giant girl boner for all things Best Coast. Well, you know if that was even possible. Anyway, since The Only Place came out last week I’ve been listening to it non-stop practically. It always seems to be on when I’m cleaning up, cooking, and most importantly, driving. I swear at least one person I know is going to try and throw my music playing device out of my car if they have to listen to it one more time. I have no signs of stopping the circulation of this album any time too soon. Well, maybe I’ll give the new Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros a few spins next week when it finally gets released. 

My current stand out tracks are:

The Only Place (still not sick of it after months)

My Life 

Do You Still Love Me Like You Used To

Up All Night

There’s just something about those tracks I keep revisiting over and over during my countless replays. Grab a cool beverage (maybe with a dash of alcohol) and turn up The Only Place by Best Coast.

Oh and just to add something cool to this post, Mexican Summer uploaded The Only Place being played on a turntable to YouTube for everyone’s viewing and listening pleasure. It’s not the same as hearing it in real life, but it’s a pretty cool substitute. This record hasn’t made it into my collection yet, but I hope it does very, very soon!