It's way too hot and bound to get worse.

Living in Arizona during the summer is usually miserable as seen from the weather snapshot above. It’s only bound to get worse over the next couple of weeks and months. I’ll be wishing for 95 degrees when it’s 113. To beat the horrendous summer heat I spend countless hours watching movies and eating junk nachos. Well, when I don’t actually have to work or do anything else, haha. So, today I’m recommending two movies worth watching (also available instantly streaming on Netflix)

First up, Tiny Furniture. Tiny Furniture stars Lena Dunham as Aura, a recent college graduate who returns home to Tribeca and is struggling to define who she is. It’s not surprising I’ve chosen this movie since I’ve pretty much been a Lena Dunham fan girl for weeks now. Tiny Furniture is no exception, and I’m not just saying that as a young, (not yet) college graduate trying to determine what life is really all about. I just genuinely enjoy this movie. The reason I enjoy it so much is probably because I can almost relate to some aspects of it more than other people who may view it. I don’t have a film degree from a liberal arts college, I don’t have the confidence to walk around even my house with no pants, and I certainly wouldn’t take in a freeloading young man. I’d love to get paid $11 dollars an hour to be a day hostess for a restaurant that isn’t even open during the day!  There are definitely things about this movie that I didn’t like, but why focus on that and possibly sway someone else’s opinions? Watch the trailer below.

Second I’m going to recommend a true classic, Cruel Intentions. I know. Awesome choice, right? I don’t even think I need to share the plot since I’m sure it’s well known or just head over to IMDB. I will watch this movie any time it comes on television. One thing I will not do is watch the countless, unnecessary sequels that were made. Why do those even exist? The ending scene is one of the best movie endings I’ve ever seen. Granted it’s extremely sad, but just the final image I find so beautiful. Here is the trailer:

Well, there you have it. Two worthy movies worth watching during the days of never ending heat. Is there something you think I should be watching? Have a recommendation? Let me know! 

PS regarding the weather: