Friday afternoons can be rough.

I’m slowly starting to realize Friday afternoons are rough to get through. It’s probably the anticipation of whatever the weekend holds taking too long to arrive. In honor of the next few hours of time killing till it’s happy hour somewhere, here are 5 things worth wasting some time on.

Ever wonder what happened to the best make up companies of the 90’s are currently up to? No, me either but the good news is apparently Caboodles is still in business! Sadly their collection is more adult now. Oh how I long for the days of my plastic organizer with Hello Kitty stickers. Check out more of 90’s favorites at RackedIt’s still cool to use LipSmackers right?

I saw My Girl when I was younger and it wrecked me for weeks. Seriously, who lets a child watch that movie? (I secretly love the movie to this day) Hello Giggles has a completely accurate piece on 5 Ways My Girl Ruined My Life.

I don’t know anyone who is as obsessed with Dark Shadows as I am right now. I’m not much for interior designing because I love things way too simple and clean looking, but this piece on how to get modern home furnishing inspired by Dark Shadows on Casa Sugar is amazing.

The most simplistic and random idea for a Tumblr worth wasting time on is I Hope Barack Obama.

In case you’d rather be spending tons of time on Mashable than doing work, why not listen to some sweet tunes? If my finals mix
just doesn’t interest you, The Only Place from Best Coast is currently streaming on NPRI seriously cannot get enough of it!

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend planned! I’m going to see Dark Shadows! I say that as if anyone didn’t already guess that… Don’t forget to get your mom something nice for Mother’s Day! I’m still trying to top the macaroni necklace I gave her when I was 21…hummmmm.