Oh look, a playlist

Today was my very last day of spring semester. I had to rise with the sun in order to turn in a paper and show of my superior organization skills to my professor. Sadly, my organization skills weren’t even needed as she just took my word everything instead. You can see them above in my beautiful study picture.

With all of the anxiety and stress that finals can bring, sometimes I just want to dance it out or enjoy a cup of tea and not think. I made a playlist of the things I listened to frequently over the last couple of days.

EDIT: I’m removing the embedded player because it’s turning out to be a pain in my ass layout wise. As much as it pains me to force anyone to open a new page and press play to hear it, I must do that. Besides, I put far too much effort into making it look pretty on 8tracks which you can see below.

Listen to it HERE.