Ten for Tuesday: Books of My Childhood

I know, I know, the picture above is me reading a magazine, but for some reason the childhood pictures of me reading are nowhere to be found. It would have been much more fitting. I had originally planned to do a different throwback post, but waking up to the news this morning that Maurice Sendak, the author of my favorite childhood book, had died completely changed my direction. So take a look at my favorite childhood books Reading Rainbow style.

I was literally obsessed with the “stinkin’ bears” when I was younger. Apparently I couldn’t say Berenstain. I even went over to the neighborhood mall to meet the Bear family in person! How that isn’t terrifying to a 4 year old I have no idea. I’m sad to say my entire collection is gone now and only a few remain intact. I love that these books taught lessons while remaining entertaining to read.

I love the adventures of the man in the big yellow hat and George. Thinking back on it today though, how did no one in that town find this concept extremely weird.

Long before this was a unnecessary animated movie in 3D, I was in love with this story. Every time independent reading time would come along at the library this was always my go to book. There’s something about the concept and the illustrations that I truly found fascinating. How could I not want giant stacks of pancakes to fall from the sky with a delicious light rain of syrup?

There’s just something so simple about this book that I love.

Madeline is still one of my favorite things. I even have a Madeline trash can! I wish there was a way to watch all of the old television episodes.

I don’t remember why I loved this book so much. It was my favorite when I started learning to read chapter books. I had to have read it at least 50 times over one summer.

As someone who throughly enjoys history I love the American Girl historical collection. In my research for what to classify this under they classify them as the historical set. Samantha held a special place in my heart for time period and my slight resemblance to her as a child. I’m still disappointed in my mother for not buying me one of her dolls.

Once we grew up and progressed into chapter books, library check out time became all about Goosebumps. Seriously, if you didn’t get to that shelf first you were out of luck. I honestly don’t see the appeal now but then again I don’t really understand why we kept electronic babies attracted to our belt loops either…

How can I possibly make a throwback book post without mentioning the essential book series to any young girls development, The Babysitter’s Club. Every time the magical circus known as the book sale would roll into town I’d scoop up as many of these as I could. I kept a few of my most read copies and they are hidden in my book stash somewhere. What isn’t enjoyable about a set of pre-teens with a club to make money while watching bratty children? I enjoy the movie version of this book series far more than I should. I need to get that on dvd.

Now to the real reason this post was created: Where the Wild Things Are. This is quite possibly one of my favorite children’s books in every way possible. I have such an attachment to this book, and as many news outlets have reported today, I’m not the only one. As an adult I wish I could run away to the land of the Wild Things just like Max when times get a little rough. I have watched the movie version and the documentary Spike made about working with Maurice and I must say I hold such respect for Maurice as a person. He is a true visionary and the places he created for children are beautiful and inspiring. Where the Wild Things Are will be such a huge part of my life forever. Thank you, Mr. Sendak for creating this piece of my life. Rest in Peace.

Well, there you have it, tiny pieces of literature that shaped my childhood. What were some of your favorite books growing up?

(All book images belong to their rightful owners. I only borrowed them to make this more interesting to look at.) 




  1. When I saw Goodnight Moon, I instantly thought of that semi-pornographic film Pete Wentz was in.

    Also, I must ask who your favorite BSC member was. Mine’s obvious.

    1. Does anything in this life not have influence by Pete Wentz and his gentlemen parts? haha

      I think I have to say Mary Anne because we are the most alike, haha.

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