Birthday Goals

I was originally inspired to try this idea by a blog I read almost obsessively. Unfortunately for me I decided to attempt it 5 months before my birthday forcing all of the goals to be small and easily achievable. Even with simple, easily achievable goals I still managed to complete only half of them. The list in my trusty Moleskin was also ruined by a water bottle spill. That was a sad day. My Moleskin has yet to recover…Either way, I still completed some of them which I will share here now.

The original goal was to have an adventure at the larger art museum, but that never worked out. I was really looking forward to seeing the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. Who could pass up a free day at SMOCA though? I cannot.

Over the years I have maintained many personal blogs. Personal blogs with tons of complaining and terrible rants that the internet never needs to read. I decided I wanted to attempt a different way of blogging. I’m inspired by many people who blog and that’s what this has become. We truly live in an time where we all live out loud, saying and writing everything to stay on the internet forever like a hieroglyphic on a tomb in Ancient Egypt. Only now it’s what we had for lunch or passively aggressively calling out a coworker who ate our lunch out of the work refrigerator. I’ll admit this blog needs a new look. 

I add this one to every list I make for the coming year. It’s nearly impossible for me not to do this on a monthly basis so I’m not quite sure why I continue to make it a priority. Listen to Bear in Heaven guys.

The only rules for this goal was it couldn’t be a book I had already read before. I chose Big Sur because I’ve never read it before.

This is one of my all time favorite photos I’ve taken lately. I absolutely love this section of town. It sets the scene for some of the best pictures imaginable. Photo a Day challenges have really helped me to take more photos. I’ve been slacking on my film use though which makes me sad. I’ll have to pick it up more for summertime.

This seems like the easiest of all of the goals. I listen to so many different songs every day that I never see the beauty in most of them. This time I genuinely tried to seek out one beautiful song a day and succeeded! Something is still one of the most beautiful songs ever written. I defend that statement for eternity.

I have to start putting thought into 25 things I want to complete before I’m 26. At least there is a larger time period for me to get my shit together and get them done. Ugh, twenty-six stay away as long as possible, please. 


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