When I procrastinate I make lists.

Today was my final day of “real” classes for Spring semester. I’m not even sure it can be technically called a real day since all I did was have a meeting and turn in a test. Such a gigantic waste of a day. Oh, and trying to return my books? Don’t even get me started. There needs to be a better way to get rid of old textbooks. What the hell am I going to do with this sociology book for the rest of my life? Just let it sit there on my shelf making me look smart?

During my far too large amount of downtime around campus I brainstormed 5 things my life needed (instead of talking about strippers. Don’t ask.).  Enjoy!

White noise is a pretty sweet app that clearly does what it is supposed to: make white noise for sleeping or relaxing. There are over 30 choices of sounds soothing to practically anyone. My personal favorite is rain storm, but there is also stream, campfire, and even a dripping faucet. How is a faucet dripping soothing? There is even a hairdryer, a clothes dryer, and a crowded room. Whatever floats your boat.

I just love the sound of this song. I would love to be listening to it on a beautiful beach somewhere.

Bon Iver Erotica is something that no one will find interesting unless they really love Bon Iver like yours truly. Seriously this is practically the best tumblr ever.

There aren’t very many shows I can watch more than once but Girls definitely breaks that mold. It’s hilarious and different. Just watch it.

It’s been one stressful semester. Life has become overwhelming at times. I could use a beach and zero responsibility for a change. A beach, a drink, and a sweet playlist. That picture at the top from my trip to the beach isn’t helping. Why, oh why, is the beach so far away?!

At least summer is almost here. What are some things you’re currently needing in your life?