Just a random, rainy Thursday


Well, Arizona had one random rainy day in between days of almost 100 degree temperatures. Only in Arizona can people say a rainy day is “nice” out. I love rainy days. Don’t get me wrong constant sunshine is fantastic but I just need a break from the heat sometimes. I appreciated the rain until the sudden downpour that made traveling to my classes a wet nightmare. Unfortunately by 1pm the rain was gone and the sunshine was back. I had a real blog post planned but suddenly lost all of my inspiration. So, below is a song by Harry Nilsson from Nilsson Schmilsson which I was inspired to listen to after watching Who is Harry Nilsson? (And Why Is Everyone Talking About Him?) yesterday. I’d recommend watching it but it’s no longer on Netflix. Harry Nilsson is a brilliant musician. I swear every time I hear “Everybody’s Talkin'” I smile. It’s true, I have cheesy fond memories of that song. So consider Harry Nilsson my musical suggestion for today rainy or not.

I’m so happy it’s finally the weekend. This week has had more stress than is ever required for a semester almost being complete.

Until next time,