Current Obsessions

It’s time to find out what I’m currently obesessing over lately. In the most healthy of ways naturally.

I’m obsessed with the color coral. Everything I type (such as above) is always put first in coral. It’s really the color of spring 2012.

How cute are these coral oxfords from Wanted Shoes? I want them.

I am in love with this vintage inspired bottle opener from Partners & Spade.
This is just one side of it, but it can be used to determine who buys the next round. Brilliant!

Or as I like to refer to it: the best worst show ever to appear on television. Everything anyone has ever told me about this show was completely undersold it. It’s so terrific. I’m really far into the series and how they still have not YET figured out about who Barnabus Collins really is blows my mind. I can’t imagine watching this daily waiting to figure out what happens. I’m really excited for the movie to come out next month.

Popsicles! Ice cream! Smoothies! Oh my! Arizona’s weather changes weekly but one thing is for sure: sweet treats are always necessary no matter how over indulgent. Just try to resist my ice cream treat from earlier today…

There’s just something about this song lately that keeps bringing me back to it.

Well, there’s a glimpse into some really cool things happening to catch my attention lately. I’ve got a sweet date with the quality Sunday programing on television tonight. Lazy Sundays are always fun (every once in awhile).