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I was going to include this in my new releases blog but felt it was worthy of it’s own posting.

DIY projects are one of my current obsessions. Finding tons of creative things I’d like to try is on a level all its own. It could even be considered a hobby in its own right. There is a really cool app I discovered in the app store recently that can show anyone how to do practically anything step by step.

I’m not an expert on apps by any means, but it’s relatively simple to use. As seen above, it’s easy to sign up with Facebook, Twitter or less evasively, just an email address. Who really needs 45 more things attached to their social networks?

Once logged in, the app shares a plethora of exciting and interesting guides of things to do. Everything from Kool-Aid colored yarn to making your own iPod dock shown in easy to follow steps. There are even guides for cooking! It’s a social network for guides. In the app, a user can make their own guide, favorite other guides, and even “follow” users. As if another social network needs the ability to “follow” people. Can there be a new, less creepy term for that? 

Overall, I think the app is pretty awesome and useful. I haven’t tried to make anything I’ve put in my favorites yet, but it certainly helps me to maintain any future ideas I may want to try later on. It’s interface is also aesthetically pleasing to look at which is always a plus. It’s currently free in the app store, and is also Apple’s app of the week. So scoop it up and start getting creative!


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