This is extremely upsetting

To the girl who stood up a guy at the Hunger Games last night, 

Run. Run as fast as you can. You do not deserve to meet a male ever again. In fact you deserve to be slapped. You are a disgrace to women. That is not funny nor is it cute. If you really set out to intentionally hurt this boy, you deserve nothing more than to be hurt and embarrassed in a public setting. I’ve never seen this before other than an 80’s teen movie. I am sickened and disgusted that something like this could EVER take place. The sheer look of hurt and pain on his face was enough to make anyone cry. How dare you. How dare you continue to text him and give him hope you were in the theater for about 20 minutes. If you were in that theater and just watching him look around for you and calling your name, I can’t imagine what a terrible person you are. I can’t imagine what a terrible person you are in general. The look of hurt on his face is something I will never be able to forget. You deserve every bit of bad karma that will ever come your way. You even upset an 8 year old girl behind me with your shitty game on this boy. Frankly, we tried to give you the benefit of the doubt, but since people are the worst, I’m not so sure you didn’t do this on purpose. 

Go to hell. 

– an innocent bystander with actual feelings. 

I’m extremely passionate about this occurrence because I know plenty of people I care about that I would never want this to happen to and the current state of humanity thinking this shit is funny is asinine. Grow up and treat people with the respect they deserve. I wouldn’t normally blog about this considering I’m only an bystander but if it’s enough to get attention of people in all the rows near me, it’s something worth talking about.