I should be baking right now.

One of my all time favorite things are movie trailers. What? Yeah, that is probably everyone in the world’s least favorite thing next to It’s a Small World at Disneyland (that is also one of my favorite things), but I love them. It’s probably my favorite thing about going to the movies. Getting to see what disgusting ideas the film industry has to make millions off of consumers completely interests me. There is so much to learn during those 5 or so minutes of coming attractions. Trust me, hearing the opinions of the people seated around you tells a lot about who they are upon just sitting next to them. It’s fascinating, well, maybe just to me. For instance, the guy seeing 21 Jump Street last night with this girlfriend. His girlfriend just got onto the Robert Downey Jr. train the second he stepped into the newest spot for the Avengers. Not to appear as though that would be alright, he hopped right into Scarlett Johansson is a babe-ville. At that point my attention went straight from oh Captain America population 1, Chris Evans station, to just listening to their banter back and forth and not a SINGLE thing about the pure quality of  the Avengers. Great job, Hollywood.

Anyway, the point to all of this is sharing some of the trailers I’ve watched in the last week. Also, I should be baking treats for my friends but I am delaying my trip to buy Bailey’s since that’s probably unacceptable at 10am. 

Up first, Dark Shadows. For those who don’t know, Dark Shadows was a sweet vampire/super natural themed soap opera that aired from the late 60’s into the 1970’s. I absolutely love science fiction type things and this is no exception. The show is notoriously known for being terrible and that’s what makes it GREAT! I recently just listened to a story on This American Life about a Dark Shadows convention that I found ridiculously interesting. Anyway, Barnabas Collins is played by Johnny Depp in this Tim Burton directed film (shocker). The trailer really feels like it took the cheesiness and turned it up to 11. I hate to say that I actually want to see it. 

I don’t think there is anything I can say about the trailer for Jeff Who Lives At Home without sounding uber dorky, so I won’t try. I’m really excited a theater near me is showing it.

Just let me geek out for one second. 6 MORE DAYS! I am so freaking excited and everyone walking the face of the Earth can tell. Trust me, they ask me about it daily. Don’t think you’ve seen every spot imaginable for this movie because I know I have. This one was released yesterday and I have to say it’s one of the best ones yet. I literally get CHILLS when the countdown from 20 starts. Is it Thursday yet?!?!?!?!

I’ve mentioned on several occasions my love for documentaries. This one, Addiction Incorporated, is along with the others. As someone who has been around a family full of smokers since birth, I’m enthralled by this.

Comic-Con Episode IV- A Fan’s Hope is all I’ve been hearing about from my brother for about a month now. I finally decided to look into it and have to say I’m pretty stoked to watch this with my brother. My little brother would absolutely fit into this world. I swear I’ll take him one year to this. He completely deserves it. Every year I hear so much about it from him, and of course the Hollywood filled panels, which btw should be an entirely separate entity from the con. You hear me whoever is in charge of the con? Valuable space is being taken away from real fans who want to see their comic book heroes by people waiting ALL DAY in the ballroom for the stars of Glee and Twilight. Make it stop! Give those shits their own ballroom and special passes for panels only. It’s doubtful they care about the rest of the con and you’re losing the priceless demographic that could make you tons more money. COME ON! 

Well, I guess I better get the Bailey’s and get started on this frosting. No idea how that is going to turn out. It’s a questionable idea to start with. Have a good Saturday, y’all.

Image: found on Google. I gave up trying to make a film reel…