It's Saturday and you know what that means: Instagram!

I wanted to share these on Friday, but I seem to be getting sidetracked more frequently on Fridays. I’ve taken some really cool pictures to sum up this week, and I’m pretty excited to share them…again.

Girls night dinner last week at Grimaldi’s. How cute is their pizza waiting timer thing? What is that even called?

Check out this pastel purple nail polish. I’m sad it goes on darker than I want. My nails look like Easter eggs!

Wine and non-dairy coffee creamer. Say hello to my refrigerator.

I made lemonade and raspberry lemonade juice cubes. With this warmer weather we’ve been having, I’ve started added soda water (and other fizzy drinks) to my favorite lemonade to spice it up a bit.

Francis Ford Coppola wine at Grimaldi’s. Yes, he makes wine now.

Here’s the original from above without the added bubbles and text. Arizona has one thing going for it, it’s magnificent sunsets. This is definitely one of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken.

I’m going to see a spring training baseball game tonight! That should be exciting! Have a great rest of the weekend!