Current Obsessions

It’s time for another installment of Things Nicole Loves with an Abnormal Amount of Passion and Enthusiasm, or the much simpler title, Current Obsessions. 

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins. I had finished the Hunger Games book in a day, but eventually with the start of the new semester the other books have fallen to the wayside. Until now that is, I can’t put this one down, and I’m not even 14 years old. It’s consumed my entire Sunday. Tearing myself away to study facts and figures of business deals was rough. I just kept thinking what is happening with Peeta! (Seriously, go away Gale.) I always used to mock people obsessed with book series, I get it now. I get it.

Organizing for spring. Somehow between the months of about October to March many areas of my living space become disaster areas. My spice cabinet especially, probably because of the influx of cooking during that time. These spice jar labels by Martha Stewart, are so cute and minimal. I’ve seen so many great ideas, how ever will I choose how to get rid of the ugly plastic containers?

Paris in a Box from YouAreMyFave. Seriously how cute is this? I’m in love with it. Someone make me something like this!

This letter post to Ryan Gosling had me laughing.

Minimal Movie Posters like this one for Moonrise Kingdom, which I’m anxiously anticipating the release of. The minimal movie poster for Moonrise Kindom was made by Laura Perm-Jardin. It takes so much to not order a million of these. More can be seen on Minimal Movie Posters.

White Chocolate Wonderful from Peanut Butter & Co. I have an addition to this stuff. I was turned off by it at first out of a natural dislike for white chocolate. It’s fairly unnoticeable in this peanut butter. I’m highly interesting in attempting to make my own peanut butter since I can’t buy their Smooth Criminal flavor in any of my local stores. I also don’t need six jars, thanks anyway, Amazon. 

Abraham’s Daughter by Arcade Fire. I am overjoyed at the prospects of a new Arcade Fire tune, and it does not disappoint. It was put online this week for Entertainment Weekly and clearly to build publicity for The Hunger Games and it’s accompanying soundtrack, due out March 20th. Despite the soundtrack being a cornucopia of crazy, I’m excited to hear a few select tracks. I also need to mention, Win tried to get into the mind of what it would be like for a 14 year old reading the books. What does that say about me reading it at 24? Ha! 

That’s all for now. Time to finally finish that book!

PS: I really hope to do the Q&A soon. Keep the original questions coming.