Oh the Places You'll Go…

Is this a post about travel? Graduation? Nope. It’s about Dr. Seuss!

Dr. Seuss was my absolute favorite author growing up. Wasn’t he everyones though? One of my parents favorite stories from when I was a child is when I claimed I had taught myself how to read at age 4. I would walk around with various Dr. Seuss books telling any of my parents friends or guests how great I was at reading. I would then sit down, open my Green Eggs and Ham, and start reading. The truth was, and my parents knew it, I had memorized the books. Every single person who ever came around me when I was little would read to me. It was just a matter of time before I got bored and could recite the book back to them. Seriously, did anyone else think to bring me a new book instead? To be fair, I did have countless amounts of books. So much so my parents never saved them all. They just took up shelves and shelves of space. People just really enjoyed the rhyming and nonsense of Dr. Seuss the most. Being 4, I probably thought my plan was brilliant. People will think I’m a genius. Okay, maybe I didn’t really have those advance thoughts at 4. My plan worked out for awhile and adults loved it. Turns out, and this is my parents favorite part, the book was upside down the entire time. I’m so glad Dr. Seuss wrote such special books. I’m sad my parents no longer have my sweet older copies for me to keep.

Sadly now movie studios love turning these books into terrible animated movies. The magic and whimsy of reading these books with their great illustrations and the use of imagination is gone. Now replaced with the voices of Zac Efron and Danny Devito (I love your work). I love that the Lorax has an environmental message. Teach kids young, that’s great. Isn’t there some other medium for this? Hollywood, stop doing this. Give some people with real ideas a chance to make their movies instead. I used to have watch Dr. Seuss television specials in Spanish class to learn. Update those instead. Make a new television special. A series. A cartoon. I don’t know. Just because new technologies in animation exist, doesn’t mean they should be used. I’m sure these movies would be good except I’m not much into current animated movies. Give me classic, Disney please. I’ll just stick with books. I know, I know, blogging shouldn’t be for complaining.