A True Cinematic Classic

Two of my very first crushes of all time are Paul Rudd and Patrick Dempsey. They both still are actually. They made some of my favorite movies of all time. In honor of Paul Rudd’s latest movie, Wanderlust, opening this weekend let’s take a trip back to the time of Clueless.

I had the soundtrack to Clueless on CD when I was 8. I was obsessed with the movie. It’s a pretty inappropriate movie to enjoy for an 8 year old, but I’ve always been a bit older mentally than people my age. I don’t want to say more mature. That feels rude to me. Watching the movie as an adult, I definitely catch things I didn’t really get back then. Anyway, back to the fabulous soundtrack. I played the CD forever. So much so, I think I scratched it so badly it wouldn’t even play. That or my parents hid it from me to keep from hearing it ever again. Oh, thank goodness for the iTunes age where I am free to buy it again as an adult. There are so many gems included, it was hard to choose only one.

The movie itself is brilliant. What? A teen movie is brilliant? Yes. I think until I reached age 10, I had convinced my parents when I turned 16 I wanted a white jeep just like the one Cher had. I’m so glad they never went through with that. I wanted to pick a song with a specific scene to match. Unfortunately movie clips on the internet is wrong, and trailers are rough. So, I decided to go with one of my favorite scenes, the party Christian takes Tai and Cher to. What? I’m not choosing Rolling with the Homies by Coolio? Josh dancing is probably one of the best things in this whole movie. I still love watching this movie when it is on television despite how much they cut out.

So below is Where’d You Go by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

You know maybe Marky Mark wants to use his popularity for a good cause, make a contribution. In case you’ve never heard of that, a contribution is…-Josh

Until next time,


PS- Jeremy Sisto, aka Elton, please stop making terrible sitcoms on ABC. Seriously, not even you can make that better. It’s just too weird.