Adventure: Galentine's Day Brunch

If you’ve ever seen Parks and Recreation, you know what a Galentine’s Day event is. For those that don’t know, it’s like Valentine’s Day but to celebrates the ladies in your life. I think this is quite possibly the first ever Galentine’s Day/Arizona Centennial Celebration brunch hosted by one of my oldest friends, Ann. There was no official name so that is just a working title. Below are some pictures from the event!

The backyard gardenish table setting was so cute. It started out being cloudy and chilly, but warmed up a bit when the sun decided to pay us a visit. Aren’t those flowers in the middle of the table just beautiful? We had mini quiches made with peppers and other vegetables all baked up in heart cupcake holders. They were so delicious.

We also had pineapple orange juice and coffee. Pineapple orange juice might just be my new favorite kind of orange juice. Coffee is my life blood. I don’t think I’ll ever not like that. The platter above is made from blueberries, raspberries, cheeses, and crafted to look like the Arizona state flag. Thank goodness we have an easy to assemble flag, haha. The raspberries were perfect. They weren’t too tart.

This was the most delicious salad I’ve had. It would be delicious for a spring time lunch or even a summer lunch. Can’t you tell I’ve been wishing for Spring? Thanks for the teaser, Mother Nature. It has strawberries and almonds and an organic raspberry vinaigrette. I loved the salad so much I went out today and got the ingredients to make myself one for dinner tonight!

Galentine’s Day brunch was definitely a brilliant idea and so much fun. I’m very excited for all the Ladies’s Who Brunch future brunches. Maybe we will play some Uno one day amongst our chats of current events and the Hunger Games, haha.

Until next time,


PS: I love how clear these photos came out! Click to make bigger! šŸ™‚