Reviewin': Art & Copy

In retrospect I should have switched yesterdays post and todays but nevertheless this is also about ads!

   Art & Copy is a documentary about advertising and some famous campaigns we have all seen before and the people who made them. Honestly, I have rarely ever wondered who came up with a brilliant ad concept, print ad, or the like. Some of the ads mentioned in the film I have never even seen before. With good reason obviously, I’m only in my mid twenties. Two of the major ad campaigns mentioned were Apple (1984 and Think Different) and Got Milk? With the campaign for Got Milk? I never put much thought into. Did anyone really? It was gigantic when I was younger. Everyone who was anyone had a milk mustache ad in a magazine. Hearing the story behind it was interesting, and sort of made the concept make more sense. Despite what my 14 year old lactose problem self once thought; it wasn’t about Britney Spears drinking milk so I must. It’s to make you think, do you have milk in your fridge right now if you sat down to have cereal? Milk is much more enticing by the way when you can’t really have any, trust me.

Throughout the film there are tons of different ad men and women who are completely inspiring to myself. They are different, creative, and special. They are doing something tough to do, sell people on a product that someone else says they need. Most of the facts in the film are extremely interesting to learn and mostly mind blowing. I had never known I’m exposed to so many ads on a daily basis. It takes a great, creative mind to make an ad image or idea stick in my brain when so many are brought upon me every day. With the popularity of Mad Men, advertising people are getting more attention. Of course, not everyone can be an ad person. I certainly love living vicariously through Don Draper and company. I could never come up with a creative slogan or image to stick in people’s minds as easy as they make it seem. Granted, their world is fictional. The artists in the documentary really make it known it takes a specific type of person to be in the advertising profession. Out of the box thinkers. I also really loved how they mentioned they just knew they were born to do something like this. That really stuck with me. Another aspect the film showed was the men who change the billboards a person sees every day. I had never put in a single thought about the changing of a billboard, and yet once it’s shown to me, it’s interesting to watch. Random, I’m aware.

Overall, this documentary was interesting and inspiring. It’s not for everyone. If you believe, like 65% of people, there are too many ads being thrown at you on a daily basis, you probably shouldn’t watch a movie all about them. I don’t mind it. In fact, I geeked out about it. I bored everyone to pieces with my analysis of current ads after viewing the film. I love business and advertising. Wow, I bet this is what it feels like for my math teacher to talk about math. Trust me, she loves math. I loved this documentary. I could watch it over and over and not be bored. Most people don’t like documentaries, fine. Most people don’t like advertising, fine. Leave it to the fictional world of Mad Men. I for one, can’t get enough of it.

Until next time,