Since most websites today are participating in protesting SOPA and the other internet bills, I thought I’d make a post about it. Of course, that’s phoned in. I know, but I had nothing else to post! It also felt a little odd to post a song or video with the whole SOPA thing. On campus today watching so many people try to access blacked out websites became quite humorous. Wikipedia was the most popular and got the most reactions. People actually use this as a source? Go to the source links, buddy! You’ll learn more. Anyway, suddenly the table of boys next to me came up with a brilliant idea, black out Google and Facebook. Then the real action of people would begin. They went on to joke about people having to use Yahoo! or Bing, how no one wants that, and they would call their congress person immediately. Imagine, not being able to lurk your friends or coworkers?! How would any one survive?! Sorry boys, I think I’d be fine without Facebook. I’d have a lot more productive time and less disappointment that no one liked my witty anecdote about the boy in my class or current event. More time spent being less upset I missed an event I should have been at. Oh, and baby and wedding pictures of my peers! I would not miss those! Google on the other hand, I’d have a terrible time not having. Googling is such a large part of my day. Google’s black bar over their typical logo started a great discussion today with my friend, Stacey, and myself. I don’t think a black bar over their logo helped at all. I think it made the uninformed even less informed. It just gave them an excuse to be even more confused and then voice it all over the place. The fact that Twitter had a bunch of people not understanding why websites were blacked out today is already alarming.

Sorry Congress, these bills are a terrible idea for everyone.

I also need to say, I made the graphic above. I really dislike that the font I used looks like a close relative to Comic Sans. I hate Comic Sans. I can assure everyone I used a typewriter font which I’ve come to love.