Soundtrack: Sunday?

I meant to post a song yesterday, but my entire idea was altered by a mix cd I received last night. It featured a song from one of my favorite scenes in movie history, In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel. Lloyd Dobler and his boom box is one of my all time favorite things ever actually. Even my special collectors edition of Say Anything… mentions how iconic this scene is. I’m sorry but Diane Court did not deserve Lloyd Dobler or this amazing moment of cinematic history. She quite simply could be one of my least favorite female movie characters ever, you know, if I actually made a list of these things, which I don’t. Let’s be honest here, any girl would appreciate a moment like this. Maybe not this exact song, but hopefully a song that means something to them. I don’t know how I would ever react to someone holding a boom box outside for me. Probably wonder how they ever got an old 1980s boom box to start with. iPod speakers need not apply for this romantic gesture, FYI. It’s also worth mentioning Jeremy Piven’s acting in this movie is not so great. He looks like he can barely remember his lines. If there was an award for best wardrobe, he would win for sure.

She’s gone. She gave me a pen. I gave her my heart, she gave me a pen.