Adventure: Contemporary Art Museum!

Today Kendall, Rachael, and myself took a Sunday adventure to SMOCA. It was a fun place to explore especially on a gloomy, rainy day like today, and free admission was also a perk! Sadly for this visit there was really only one or two artists works I enjoyed looking at. Andrew Kuo’s fascinating abstract graphs were particularly a high point for myself. My favorite had to be either the pie chart of feelings about drinking alcohol and the other chart about losing his glasses. I wish I could have taken pictures of these pieces. They would have been much more interesting to look at instead of these words, but the man standing in the corner of the room was very intimidating. Google him, It’s worth it. The other artist unfortunately I can’t recall the name of.

The above photos are from our adventure.
1. Eames house wooden block set from the gift shop. I was absolutely overjoyed by these blocks. I am obsessed with Charles and Ray Eames lately, and their house is an architectural dream. I probably wouldn’t even let anyone mess up these blocks if I owned them. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a price listed so in the gift shop they stayed.

2. The pieces of glass in the concrete outside of the museum just before it started sprinkling.

3. The palette installation above the solid red lounge space. Probably my second favorite part of the museum. We could never figure out what species of bug or animal was being played on the film screen though.

4. These two books were my favorite of the books available on the lounge table for reading. Another one about printing photography was also a great read.

Having an rainy day adventure to the museum was so fun! I can’t wait to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit at the larger art museum in the coming weeks!