Crown of Love

Crown of Love – Arcade Fire
Earlier today while attempting to make a new type of cookie treat I turned on Funeral when out of nowhere this song just struck a chord with me. Naturally I’ve always felt some emotional attachment to this song, but this time it was a little more deep. When I heard it today I felt as if it was saying all of the things I wanted to say at once. Cheesy, I know. Lately I’ve been doing things so completely out of my character to the point where I feel like I’ve lost myself. Now on the journey to try and find the person I’ve left behind I’m lost. Love is never something to take lightly. One second it’s there, but gone the next. It’s a terrible thing humans do to each other. A word like love should never hurt but it does. Sometimes the person just doesn’t love you back, or sometimes they do but you screw it up with your insecurities. I’m an expert at both. I think the part of the song that I always attempt to sing the most passionately is the line “If you still want me, please forgive me.” There is always times in life where I wish I could seek forgiveness for the wrong things I have done to the people I care about in a moment I’m no longer proud of. Even if they claim everything is alright it’s still really awkward regardless of how much there is a claim of love. I miss the moments we used to have, but they will never be the same. Then suddenly the song becomes a little more upbeat and danceable. Almost like a cue that it’s going to be better. Even if that person never gives the forgiveness that is being sought maybe somewhere along the line another person will. Maybe I’m not lost after all. Maybe I’m not supposed to be searching for the old version of myself. Instead I should be learning and adapting some portions of this into this new version. I should be looking forward to the upbeat, danceable portion of the song to come.
Funeral is a really great album. If you haven’t listened to it before, what are you waiting for? Don’t pull the Grammy Award winning Arcade Fire, shit. I’ve heard all of that before. It’s old.

By heyynicole at 2012-01-01