An Introduction

Hey guys!

I’ve had a few people suggest I start real blogging again so I thought ‘why not give it another go?’ I hope to make this blog music oriented. I tend to become easily distracted and want to write whatever pops into my brain much to the chagrin of everyone I know. Music has always been a large part of my life as it probably is with many other, more knowledgeable people, but hearing the music through someone else’s life is sometimes just more interesting. My goal with this blog is to share my thoughts on new music, old music, and even those songs people wish they could forget. Although, that last part will be entries few and far between I’m sure. I guess I should start this off with a getting to know me section, hum.

I am a student in my mid-twenties. There isn’t a single day I’ve ever gone without listening to some type of music. My musical tastes vary significantly and I’m willing to give any artist or genre a chance at least once. I see every day as just another scene in the movie of my life which also just happens to have the very best soundtrack since a John Hughes 80’s teen movie. Any reader of this blog will soon come to find out how much I love those movies. I’ve never decided on my favorite song of all time or even a favorite album of all time. I think those choices are hard to make. I also really dislike hearing “oh, I love this song” or “Oh, I love (insert artist here)” Saying I love something is a big deal and I don’t like it being wasted by others on the flavor of the week according to the top selling iTunes chart. My thoughts are always laid out to make sense in my brain, but while speaking seem to become awkwardly jumbled.

I hope people will enjoy this blog and possibly discover something they didn’t even think to listen to before. I’ll even be happy if someone gives something a second chance that they didn’t like before. It’s 2012 now, let’s have an adventure.

By heyynicole at 2012-01-01